WordPress core symlinked, addendum


I guess I would rather find the problems quicker than slower. With the symlinked WordPress core, I found a problem very quickly. Another dev had an old copy of composer.json and ran composer update in her playpen. Composer helpfully removed the copy of core that everything was symlinked to and updated WordPress directly in her playpen, I think. Something happened, WordPress was gone, everything was, as we say, hosed.

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the promise and the pain of automated testing

I am probably too tired from trying all day to get something useful out of Behat (an automated test technology) to write this effectively, but I still really want to complain about this right the heck now.

Automated testing is supposed to be a necessity with continuous integration / continuous deployment. So far we haven’t succeeded in getting any automated testing set up, but today I’d reached the point where the thought of manually testing yet another version of WordPress core was more than I could take. I’d gotten some kind of Behat test working a while back, albeit not one that did anything useful. I decided to take another crack at it.

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Fear of the real world

Working at the same place for your entire career has some interesting effects, probably no longer common amongst young programmers. I am not sure anyone wants to pursue a CS degree and then get a job with a big company and stay there for several decades before retiring with a pension. I mean, that world doesn’t exist anymore, right?

It’s not like I wound up staying at the same company for my entire adult life on purpose. I remember when I was hired full time that I figured I’d be gone before I was fully vested (the 5 year mark). Well, I was SUPER wrong about that!

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