Content Dark Launch

In March 2017 I gave a talk at WordCamp Raleigh on content dark launch, a technique that has saved us many hours of stress when launching new sections of content on our WordPress-based intranet site.

If video is not your speed, I’ve written up most of the talk below as well.


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My peculiar trajectory as a PHP developer

“Step into the confessional,” my physical therapist always used to say before asking me how well I’d cared for myself since my last visit.

I didn’t talk to many new people at WordCamp US last year, but there’s one conversation that stands out in my mind: I spoke for a while with Alain Schlesser about development topics. He told me about his novel approach to an enterprise WordPress project, and, among other things, he encouraged me to get outside of the WordPress bubble as a developer, and get in touch with the larger PHP developer world.

His talk describing that very project just posted to today and that reminded me of our hallway discussion.

Here’s my confession: the truth is that as a PHP developer, I’ve always been very isolated, and despite years of working with PHP, I’ve never been in touch with the larger PHP community. I didn’t even realize I was isolated until my team got serious about WordPress a couple of years ago. It’s kind of shameful, but it didn’t occur to me that there might be PHP conferences, online discussions, or other ways of being in touch with PHP developers. Since I’ve been actively developing in PHP since 1999, this is really kind of ridiculous, especially now that I can see what a large world there is for PHP.

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