“Being Glue” by Tanya Reilly

I was browsing through a conference schedule, and this talk caught my eye:

Being Glue by Tanya Reilly

“…You’d like to have time for code, but nobody else is unblocking the junior engineers, maintaining the relationship with your sister team in the other office, updating the roadmap…”

I feel like this a lot. It’s more because of my team lead / tech lead role than anything else. I recently went on vacation and the stress-to-de-stress ratio between work-Lisa and vacation-Lisa was so much bigger than I ever remember it being before. Now admittedly some pretty stressful (not all bad) things had happened just prior to my vacation, like launching the new intranet home page on our WordPress site, and giving a talk at WordCamp Raleigh immediately after. But I have definitely had a feeling of grinding stress for a while now, and I think it’s in part due to my leadership (aka glue) responsibilities and my platform / dev-ops-ey responsibilities taking constant precedence over any coding work.