Deep in metaphor land

It’s crunch time at work and that always makes my mental landscape a little weirder than usual. This time it’s all about the metaphors.

  1. Being a team lead is like being both the navigator and the pilot in C.J. Cherryh’s “Hellburner”  – macro view (navigator/lead) and micro view (pilot/developer) simultaneously.
  2. Our intranet is like a Minecraft world, there are deep mines full of mostly useless dirt and cobblestone but there’s veins of gold and redstone down in there somewhere. And, of course, there’s lava. Watch out!
  3. We’re going to mine that good stuff and build a beautiful, massive building with it up above where everyone can see it, but since we’ve never played Minecraft before, we’re going to die a bunch of times along the way.


2 thoughts on “Deep in metaphor land

  1. Dug around and found you here – I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog tonight. It really meant a lot to me. I also loved your winter vacation post (reading down) – I sleep on the couch when I can’t sleep. It reminds me of getting up when I was very young and everyone else was sleeping, taking my blanket out into the living room and being completely by myself. Thanks for the memory.


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