I’m glad it’s me

So when one speaker at WordCamp said, at the beginning of her talk, that she’d heard the night before about someone who had worked on the same intranet for 20 years, I was too busy being shocked to hear the rest of what she said, but it turns out that what she said was, “I’m glad that’s not me.”

I don’t want to make a whole lot out of that (so why am I writing a whole blog post? okay, shut up…) but I don’t remember ever running into someone before who kind of thinks my job sucks. I guess maybe there have been a lot of people and I just don’t know because they are too polite to say it.

Obviously, I don’t think my job sucks, because I’ve been doing it for a pretty long time. Yesterday was the retirement party for my first boss on the intranet, a woman who had herself moved from a non-technical administrative job to a technical role. I followed a similar path, and she’s the person who gave me a chance. While reporting to her I got my first technical title. That was about 20 years ago.

I have thought many times about what else I would do if I ever chose to leave – or had to leave. I usually have something in my mental backpack because there are no sure things. The nice thing about WordPress is that it has opened up some possibilities that weren’t there before.

At the same time, this opportunity that we have now – to finally fix this big, crazy intranet that has sprouted up all around us over the years – makes me want to leave even less than ever.

Something that may not be obvious to the outside observer is that this job is not the same job for 20 straight years. This job has changed over and over again. There have been periods of stagnation, and times when things were tough and I kind of survived those times, but there have been many periods of exciting growth and change. We’re enjoying one of those right now, while at the same time being within an organization that really understands how to manage applications developers and big dev projects. The team has doubled in size in this organization and that makes so much more possible.

I still like the same basic things, though. I like making things. I like solving problems. The things and the problems keep getting bigger so I might stay another 20 if they will have me.