Make it pretty, PHG

what they used to say was ‘lisa, would you make it pretty?’

we all knew that there was more to it than that. ‘pretty’ was pretty inadequate. they appreciated what i could do, even if it didn’t have the cred of coding. i preached user centered design, usability, stuff we didn’t have words for. i interviewed their users and found out what they really needed (until the project managers made me stop talking directly to the users).

i wasn’t always listened to. my designs were not always faithfully or fully implemented. i liked it better when they’d let me write the code for them so it would be done right. doing designs that were implemented badly or ignored was wearing.

i guess becoming a stronger developer has meant that i don’t have to fix other people’s crap interfaces any more. i can write all the sides of the code. of course we also have far fewer people to write code these days as compared to the make-it-pretty days. we can’t really afford to have a developer who isn’t coding the back end.

it also seems to mean that i don’t have the energy to advocate for the user at every turn any more. too deep into solving one kind of problem to remember the other kinds of problems.



back in the make-it-pretty days i had pink hair. i was a PHG.


i just colored my hair pink again. it’s pretty.