making sausage

true confession: i hate the phrase “watching sausage being made” when it refers to a process that is messy and perhaps a bit ugly, but has a happy result.  unless that process actually has the result of delicious sausage that you can eat, in which case i fully support that phrase. i just don’t like it as a business metaphor.

it is, nevertheless, the most apt way i can think of to describe what is happening right now on our intranet project. we are having intense and wonderful debates on exactly how we will do this and that. not technical stuff. more wibbly-wobbly stuff.

how do we launch a new site that’s got a fraction of its final content… when we know it will take a year or two or more to finish? how do we make the long transition between our crazy grassroots intranet and the new, governed, structured intranet something less than baffling for employees? how do we work within the bounds of our scope – that the new intranet includes only content that faces out to employees, not content that faces inward to an organization – and yet retain all the navigation that employees need?

grappling with these questions is our sausage-making process. it’s very new for us. we are good at it, which is continually amazing to me.

how does this team work together so well? that is a question i cannot answer.