Riding this crazy Jenga stack of code into oblivion…

Building a site in WordPress is easy, soooo easy and so much easier than I expected. I feel like we are finally seeing the promise of a CMS realized. I am so used to coding everything from scratch that this feels very strange to me.

I feel like I am working on top of a crazy Jenga pile of code written by other people. Because of course I am. It’s disquieting. I grasp for the comfort of neat little boxes of code I’ve written myself and know every line of (or once did).

A moment’s thought reveals how ridiculous this is. I have been operating on top of a crazy Jenga pile of other people’s code for as long as I have been using a computer. It’s not like I’m writing machine instructions. I’m a PHP developer. I work in the LAMP stack, which is by definition a big pile of other people’s code. A whole stack of it!

This doesn’t make it any easier to accept this new stack on top of the old stack. The craziness of WordPress is a lot more obvious than whatever craziness lay under the covers of PHP or LINUX. This is the part, though, where I close my eyes and jump off the cliff. Wheeee! Hopefully there’s something down there to catch me.