Semantic Markup – talk at WordCamp Raleigh 2016

Hey look! I gave a talk! And it was posted to A first.

This talk is about semantic markup – what it is, and how it can help with things like accessibility, responsive design, and even with SEO. I give a little history (don’t worry, it’s light), and even work in a little Pokemon Go when I get into really heavy territory about meta information and semantics.

I also say “um” about 90% less than I did in my last WordCamp talk, so it’s way less mortifying for me to watch. You may also find it to be more enjoyable for that reason as well.

I put this together in about two weeks when another speaker had to drop out of the developer track. I chose a topic with which I am already comfortable to make that possible, and I didn’t let myself get too worked up about it. I think that’s probably a good general approach to speaking. I also didn’t preview it with my colleagues. I think that choice worked out well this time, but it’s not necessarily one I’d make again if I were diving into a topic I’m less confident in.

It was a nice WordCamp overall and I loved getting to know some of the other speakers, so I’m not sad I wound up speaking after all, although I originally did not intend to. It was of course also very flattering to have the organizers ask me when they needed a fill-in.

I also participated in a panel at the end of the second day. The audio situation was pretty challenging and I am basically inaudible through most of it, but I’ll include the link here; there’s some interesting conversation that is audible.