solving problems and making stuff

for the longest time i felt that my interest in web development was more about the satisfaction of making things, things i could see (and use).

i realized at some point that i was working mostly with people who were interested in solving problems. this always seemed too abstract to me – i wanted a really tangible result. i can still remember the strong sense of satisfaction i felt after marking up a simple page. i mean i have a specific memory of driving down a section of the durham freeway after work one day and feeling immense satisfaction with the marking up of a page that i had done that day. this was in the day of NCSA Mosaic so to say that it was a simple page – well, it was a very simple page.

somewhere along the way this changed. i still feel satisfied with with having made something, but it’s problem solving that truly interests me now. it’s not even having solved a problem, it’s actually the problem not yet solved that is the best.

it’s probably fortunate that i’ve evolved in this way, because i don’t get to make much visible/tangible stuff anymore, but there are really a lot of problems to solve.