The code cabin

a remote cabin
You have to stay in this little house for one month. You have food and water. You have no access to phone, internet, or TV. On the last day you walk out with $100,00. Would you do it?

I see this floating around Facebook from time to time. People’s responses are hilarious to me. They range from “No!” to “Only if I can bring my husband and kids.”

Really? You would not have to pay me to do this. I would be all kinds of okay with this.

I talk about this a lot in our sprint retrospectives. I say I want to go be in the code cabin, to be alone and just work on an actual developer story. *

This week I actually have been. In the code cabin! Yay, right?

Sure, okay, yay. But that means pushing all this other stuff to the side. I am being an applications developer (my job title) and it feels like I am neglecting my job, because I am putting off all these things that are not writing code.

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
How did I get here? **

Although really, I know how I got here. I could give you a whole breakdown of the factors that lead me here including agreeing to be Team Lead, my own temperament, staying on the intranet team for way too fucking long, and the IT division at my company deciding to modernize every single fucking thing in one year (which by the way turned out to be the worst goddamn year in a long time anyway).

The more important question is how do I get somewhere else? A place I like better?

I’ll work on that. I’ll put it on the mighty list of things to do.


Other important questions

My husband has posed a number of questions about the cabin in the image above, and I have agreed to pose these to the internet at large.

  • Do you get a kyak?
  • Do you have toilet paper?
  • Are you allowed to go out on boat/foot and do things outside?
  • Can you bring books? A kindle? An iPad with any content you want?
  • Can you bring stuff? Like a bow and arrow or an air rifle?
  • Can you have guests?


* Yes, I realize that in the meme, you can’t have a computer. Work with me here.

**If you ever get to see David Byrne live do it, hearing him perform Once In A Lifetime is incredible.

One thought on “The code cabin

  1. You had me at want to stay here for one month.

    Sign me up! Coding Cabin, bam, let’s do this!

    Looks like you would have a great diving board off the deck…
    now to find some rope, could do a hammock or swing of some sort.

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