why angular?

as an “armchair wordcamper” i’m aware that the WP REST API is packing rooms whenever it’s the topic of a talk. wordpress developers are excited by the possibility of interacting with wordpress via a REST-ful API that uses JSON as its transport format.

last summer, while our grand wordpress vision was still just being discussed, i participated in a (unrelated) group exercise that brought together a handful of devs from across our division to evaluate various javascript frameworks such as react.js, ember.js, and angular. in the end, we recommended angular as the framework to use in new application development where a REST-ful API was either being built or already available.


  • in a day-long exercise, every dev who participated got further implementing our sample application in angular than with either of the other two frameworks
  • the adoption of and interest in angular far outstripped the other frameworks at the time

ember.js ran a close second, but it became apparent that its greatest fans are all ruby developers, for good reason. none of us are ruby devs. the third framework that made it to the evaluation stage was included because another part of our company has an interest in it and we needed to demonstrate that – for us – it wasn’t as good a solution as the others.

other frameworks were researched but not chosen for evaluation because they weren’t ‘baked’ or didn’t have a rich set of components available to make applications development speedy.

i was a bit of the odd woman out in the group, not because of my skill set but because of what i work on. i build web sites, and sometimes build applications in support of that, but don’t spend the majority of my time on applications development.

as a result, i didn’t have anything to do with my nascent angular skills after it was all over. but with news of the WP REST API, i have had in the back of my mind that at some point we’d have the chance to do some angular work within the new wordpress-driven intranet. in fact i really hope we get to do some stuff with angular.

today i was looking at a big printed page of tabular data and, well, angular sprang to mind. everything we build has to be responsive and angular gives one an easy way to display a responsive grid.

(so does bootstrap but…  maybe angular is more forward-thinking?)

a girl can dream.