A year of Wednesdays

Over the years I’ve had a few epic vacations from my job. Once I even quit for two months (and managed to get my job back).

The time when I could schedule three or four weeks of continuous vacation time has passed. I mean, I guess I could but the impact on team morale and functioning would be pretty brutal, and I’m not going to do that to my peeps.

So I’ve started taking Wednesdays off when I can. I could conceivably take every Wednesday in 2016 if I could schedule it, and still have a week off somewhere, because of the amount of leave I’ve accumulated. I don’t think I’ll actually be doing that, but the numbers don’t lie, I haven’t been taking my leave time and if I don’t change my habits, I’ll start losing time in 2017.

I am careful about how I spend these days off. None of the things that burn time without value – chores, errands. I use the time for the things I want to do and don’t have time for.

I spent half of my last day off making alterations to my son’s pants. It was very satisfying. So much so that now I think I’m going to take a sewing class in January.

I win, britches
Lisa 1, Pants 0

I also spent some time furthering my understanding of VVV. When my husband saw “VVV” on my to-do list he asked what it was. When I explained, he asked me why I would do work on my day off. I laughed and said I’d probably be doing it anyway, even if it wasn’t connected to my work. It’s just something I want to understand.

Earlier this year when asking S. for game recommendations, she told me about Journey. She said it takes two hours to complete. It sounds beautiful, but at that time I couldn’t imagine having two hours in the house uninterrupted without being asleep. Now I realize that maybe I could play this game.

But first I think I need to build that Lego VW Bus that I bought earlier this year.

I suppose a solid block of time off would be better, but it’s not an option. Hopefully there will be a cumulative effect from these days off.